Not Quite Moved In Yet

I really should stop neglecting this blog, especially if I am serious about trying to become a freelance journalist. I need to do as much writing, in all of my blogs, as I possibly can to shake off the rust.

I still have not moved into my new flat. The place is almost clean enough for me to move into but I’m waiting for some money to come through so I can buy a fridge and a microwave and then I can move in.

My dad’s girlfriend can not wait for me to move out because she is itching to move in with her pikey scabby 12 year old son. She keeps telling me to ‘fuck off’ and ‘hurry up and move out’. My sisters are dead against this so I should be interesting when I move out.

The one thing I will not miss is the demands my dad places on me. Only today he has had be running to the shops, cleaning, phoning up about the broadband, sorting out his passport and researching term life insurance quotes online on his computer.

I took my mum’s husband round to see the flat the other week as we dropped off the new freezer she bought for me. He spent about 30 minutes walking around telling me what we can do with the place. So it looks like I’ll have some help doing it up. :)

Not long now!

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