Not Ireland Bound

After my Edinburgh plans went up in smoke I was looking forward to my new plans of following Millwall on tour in Ireland. They would be playing Shelbourne FC (Dublin), Longford FC (Longford) and finishing off by playing Glenavon (Lurgan).

I did all the homework:

July 15th – Fly out from London to Dublin (£25) and book into my hotel (£30 a night) and see what kind of nightlife Dublin has.

July 16th – Take a look around Dublin until 7pm when I would head to the match

July 17th – Explore Dublin even more.

July 18 – Check out of the hotel and get the train to Longford (£15). Get cab to hotel just outside Longford(£10 & £40). Chill til 7pm then head for the ground. Check out any nightlife that might be on offer.

July 19th – Explore Longford and its surrounding towns.

July 20th – Check out of the hotel and get the train from Longford to Dublin (£15) and then from Dublin get the train to Portadown (£15) and then get a train from Portadown to Lurgan (£5). Get cab to hotel (£10 & £30). Do a bit of exploring.

July 21st – Do a bit of exploring before heading off to the ground.

July 22nd – Check out of hotel, get cab to station (£10) and get the train to Bangor (£10) to meet up with a friend for a day, check into hotel (30).

July 23rd – Get a cab to Belfast airport (£15) and then fly back to London (£30).

Not only did I plan out what I was going to do but I also planned out how much money I would need, a spanner was thrown in the works when my family found out about it. They had a huge problem with me leaving them to look after my dad for a week.

When I bugger off to Manchester for the weekend my dad will constantly phone my sisters asking them to do things for him, they obviously were not happy with having to put up with this for a full week.

My girlfriend couldn’t come with me anyway as she has to sign on half way through the trip. I have managed to come up with a compromise, I will see the Millwall friendlies down south instead, they will be taking on Crawley, Exeter and Southend United.

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