Not Everyone You Meet Is Your Best Friend

As someone who writes a blog I do find myself spending a lot of time reading the blogs of other bloggers (normally when I should be writing my own blog!) and some of them have been bookmarked for repeated visits later.

One blog that I regularly visit is by Julian Radbourne who is a professional wrestling and MMA writer, we have spoken a couple of times via email and as I am also a fellow wrestling writer I like to keep up to date on how his writing is progressing to see if I can learn anything from him (he is far better at it than I am).

I visited his blog today, as I had not visited in about a week (I like doing that then I can read a couple of posts), and he had a post up about friendship.

I have no problem with Julian. Reading his blog over the years I have found that he is a very emotional person and will let his feelings come racing to the service, there is nothing wrong with this of couse, the era of men bottling up their emotion have long since gone.

I do feel that he looks into “friendship” a bit too much though. He meets someone online, talks to them via email and immediately adopts them as his best friend and will then get very upset if they do not contact him or do not return the same level of friendship that he shows them.

His latest post on his blog had him announce that he had deleted over 300 “friends” on his Myspace account as they were not really his friends. He had almost a 500 and obviously thought that all of them were best friends with him and were the kind of friends he could call at 2am with a problem.

I find Myspace a great way to network and publicise your product but I would never use it for friendship.

This is not a personal attack on Julian, as I have said I do not have a problem with him and actually respect him as a fellow writer.

People need to be able to split up who are friends and who are merely acquaintances.

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