Not Everyone Is Feeling The Crunch

Despite the fact that the world is deep into a recession (I don’t like ‘Credit Crunch’ sounds like a cereal) at the moment there are still companies that are not losing money hand over fist. One of them is a company called Monaco Rare Coin.

They are part of the Monex family of companies and they have been making a lot of people around the world rich for the past 40 years by investing their money into precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum.

They also market coins for investment and collections, which would have been nice to know when I was younger as I used to collect coins as a hobby and although I had a pretty impressive collection I could have added to it.

The one aspect that make them stand out is the amount of experts that they have employed, they have spent years mastering the best avenues to go down in order to help you buy at a cheap price or sell at the top end of the market.

Maybe if I knew about this company I could have sold my collection for a hell of a lot more than the £200 I did sell it for back when I was 17!

Image by Steve Bidmead from Pixabay

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