Not Edinburgh Bound

I have been saying for the past 20 years that I wanted to go to Edinburgh to see the annual comedy festival that happens every August, when the month comes around I always say “I’ll make sure I go next year” well this year I finally made the decision to get my arse up there.

I have been doing rather well with the freelance writing gig lately so thought I’d spend some of it on taking me and my girlfriend up to Scotland. Getting there would be rather cheap at £15 (Megabus) by coach or £30 by train but the big stumbling block came when I looked at hotels and B&Bs in the area.

Nobody told me that hotels, B&B and guesthouses turn into big greedy fuckers when the festival comes around.

Travelodge & Premier Inn boast that you can get a room with them for as little as £19 & £29 a night respectively, looking to book a room for a week that was over three months away I thought I would get a decent deal or be able to get a room for around £30 a day. I was quoted a price of £150 and £160 a night from both of those two chains!

I looked at pretty much every hotel and B&B in Edinburgh and that was the best price I could get! £160 a night to stay in a fucking Travelodge? Are you kidding me?!

I was bemoaning about this on Facebook and someone pointed me in the direction of a website that offered flats during the festival. There are people who go on holiday for a month and while they are away they let out their flats & houses for people to use during the festival. Sounds like a good idea.

The cheapest price I was quoted was for a one bedroom studio flat at £2000 a week! TWO FUCKING GRAND A WEEK!

They should be wearing a mask.

Now I understand why comedians stuff six+ people into a house when they go up there.

So sadly my trip to Edinburgh is off until I win the lottery, I had decided to go to Ireland instead as Millwall are going there for a 3 game tour spread over a week.

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