Not A Good Week For Me And Dogs

This week isn’t turning out to be a good week for me where dogs are concerned. I headed over to the cinder track in Victoria Park for my weekly track session. I wasn’t really feeling it today, but it is one of the last hard sessions before my half marathon PB attempt, so I just kept telling myself that it will all be worth it come race day.

About halfway through my session, I heard a noise, it was one of those little rat dogs racing across the track towards me yapping away. I thought it was going after a dog on the other side of me so I didn’t think much of it, but it came up behind me and tries to bite me on my left ankle.

Thankfully the dog missed my ankle and bit my trainer instead. I immediately stopped as I didn’t want to step on it. The owner came running over and was laughing as she apologised. This irritated me as she obviously didn’t mean it and I’m afraid I was rather blunt with my reply to put her dog on a lead.

I was still a little annoyed and shaken so I had a bit of a rest and went to get my bottle of water. I then saw another dog run across the track, pick my bottle up and run off with it. What is it with me and the dogs this week!?

The owner of this dog brought my bottle back. But the second half of the session was so tough that I almost called it a day.

Image by Rebecca Schönbrodt-Rühl from Pixabay

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