Not A Good Day In The Saliba Household

I was woken up this morning by a noise in the garden. I tried to look out of the bedroom window but couldn’t quite make out what it was. We’ve had neighbours throwing things into our garden since we moved in so I thought they was doing it again, I put on some clothes and went out to investigate.

What I saw took my breath away.

I saw my dad, in the garden, chasing a pigeon around & waving a blanket at him/her.

I had put down some grass seeds and the little sod had decided that they would be perfect for his/her breakfast. He/she only took a couple but the ones that were left uneaten have started to give off the most foul smelling odour I have ever had pass through my nostrils. I hope the smell passes quickly because it made working outside very difficult.

My dad has been walking around like a bear with a sore head all day, he applied for a grant from the social about a month ago, they initially agreed to give him it but today they changed their minds because he has savings.

One of my sisters then went and lost his cash card so he can not get any money to buy pipe tobacco over the weekend. God forbid he should be made to take that fucking pipe out of his mouth for more than 30 seconds.

And if that was not bad enough I had a row with one of our neighbours. His kids keep throwing things into our garden. Toys, food, used tissues, lids and even toothbrushes have been chucked since we moved in.

I tried to keep my temper even when he kept smiling at me and saying “they are just kids, what can I do?” What can you do? How about keep an eye on your children? How about teach them not to chuck things over the balcony? How about take them to fucking school like a normal parent?

I complained to the council about them but they are an Asian family so I am not holding out much hope they will do anything, Tower Hamlets council are petrified of being labelled as racist. They were very quickly to have a go at me when they wrongly thought I was throwing rubbish into a neighbour’s garden about 3 years ago.

Is it too much for the council to be consistent?

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