Not A Good Day For Deano

A couple of days ago we received a hand delivered letter from a film production company informing us that they would be filming scenes for a movie on Wadeson Street, Lark Row and in front of a block of flats bearing the same name. All this would be happening away from my flat so I wasn’t bothered about it.

That was until this morning when I opened my front door to take the dog for a walk and they were filming right outside my front gate. They were filming a scene where a women was pushing a pram. I was told by a security guy that I would have to wait until they had finished filming before I could come out of my own flat.

I pointed out that they were not supposed to be filming outside my flat as they only had permission to film on Wadeson Street and Lark Row and that I was taking my dog for a walk whether he liked it or not. The woman pushing the pram messed up (how do you mess up pushing a pram? She did it half a dozen times) so I was able to nip out while they were putting her and the pram back on their mark.

Tonight I was completely on my own at work. There would be no James to help guide me, it was left up to me to help protect the school and save them a few quid on their electric bill by turning off as many lights as I could.

I forgot to set off one of the security alarms, I left a door unlocked because I was not given the correct key to it, and while I was half way home on the train I got a phone call to tell me that one of the other alarms had just gone off because I didn’t set it correctly.

I might be getting sacked in the morning.

Image by Craig Steffan from Pixabay

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