Not A Good 24 Hours

Days Without Alcohol: 20

Last night my sister came around to do a bit of cleaning for my dad, she brings her boy with her and to be honest I am starting to harbour a little bit of resentment towards him.

Before anyone judges me for disliking my nephew he is a right little bastard. The first thing he does is drag all my bedding onto the floor and walk all over it, my bedding is white and now has muddy footprints on it that I just can’t get out!

He teases the dog and keeps putting her in a head lock and punching her. Last night he smashed her favourite toy onto my stone floor and laughed as it shattered into about 12 different pieces.

He likes to tease my dog by hiding in my wardrobe and has broken almost all my records in there by standing on them.

I’m not allowed to say anything though because it might upset my dad’s favourite little princess and she then might not come up and save his life by doing a spot of cleaning once every two weeks.

Actually she is not that bothered about what her boy does in our house, if it was in her own house or at a friend’s house then it would certainly be a different matter. Just like when I ask my sisters not to smoke in my house they just tell me to shut up and light up.

When I go to Swedish Michael’s house we have to take our shoes off, I find it silly but I do it because it is his house and not mine.

I had to go to the jobcentre today to sign on, I have not “signed on” for about 10 years. I made an appointment and the woman said to me that I had to go to the Labour Exchange in Drysdale Street.

I turned up at the Labour Exchange in Drysdale Street (or Pikey Hangout) to find it had been boarded up. I thought that I would go around the corner to the jobcentre in Kingsland Road and ask where it has moved to.

The only problem was that the jobcentre had been boarded up as well!

The woman on the phone said to me Drysdale Street. So I ended up walking around asking people and 30 minutes later I finally found the place, not on Drysdale street but in Hoxton Street about four streets away!

They would not see me because I was 20 minutes late for my appointment. I told him about being given the wrong address but the jaded man behind the counter obviously thought I was trying to con him like the majority of people who walk through the door. I was going to argue but I saw the two huge security guards slowly moving towards us.

I’m going to have to phone them again tomorrow and make another appointment.

I had a shave as well!

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