Non-Existent Burglary

With the cleaning finally taken care of I thought I would be able to settle down and get some work done today. I use the days when my dad is at hospital to get as much work done as possible because he is very demanding when he is here and the chance to work then is limited.

I didn’t get much done because there was a knock at the door and when I opened it I was confronted by a policewoman. Well, I say ‘policewoman’ it was actually one of those busy bodies that has a police uniform but has no real power other than to direct you to the nearest cash machine.

She told me that somebody at this address had reported a burglary. I explained that there was only two people living here and that she must have the wrong address or number as neither of us had reported a break-in. She showed me the report papers which said our address.

“Apparently somebody climbed into the back garden and gained entry to the property via the backdoor…”

I explained that anybody climbing over our back garden fence would hurt themselves as the fencing would topple over with them on it because it was very flimsy. Plus we have a dog that might appear soft but would tear an intruder apart.

She wasn’t satisfied with this and asked to have a look. Maybe she thought I was the burglar and had decided to stay the night, gambling on the owners not coming back. And then when someone knocked at the door I brazenly answered it, again gambling on the person calling not knowing who really lived there.

I showed her the still standing fence, the unbroken windows and the unforced backdoor. I didn’t show her the dog as she could already hear her barking her head off. She was then satisfied and left.

Living here is bloody weird!

Photo by Katherine Evans from FreeImages

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