No Rest For The Wicked

Yesterday was Monday and that is the day that my dad gets paid, obviously not wanting to leave the house he sends me to the nearest cash machine to get his money out for him.

I did not go yesterday, as I had things to do, and he threw a huge strop about it, despite the fact that he still has about £500+ in cash in an envelope in his bedroom and despite the fact that I could pick it up today if he wanted as I have nothing important planned today.

He asked me about 50 times yesterday why I had not gone to get his money, anyone would think that he needed to get the money out as soon as it goes into his account in case it disappears or something!

Today I asked him for his cash card and said I would go in about 30 minutes, he threw another huge strop because I was not going straight away. In the end I took the card and he started giving me orders (get the money out, go to the supermarket, go into a pound shop and buy some stuff, do this, do that, do the other).

No sooner had I walked in through the front door, after doing all these chores I might add, he started telling me to go to the local shop to get some things he had forgotten to tell me to get. I’m afraid I ended up telling him to fuck off.

And not even a thank you.

Image by Tanuj Handa from Pixabay

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