No More Smoking In Pubs!

The day has finally arrived! Despite all the moaning and campaigning by people demanding the right to smoke you can now not smoke in any pub in the United Kingdom. I know as an ex-smoker this may sound slightly hypocritical but I am pleased because now my clothes will not stink of stale cigarette smoke anymore!

I do not know how it happened but on Friday night I dropped my mobile phone and did not notice that the battery had fallen out so Saturday morning I had to go to a mobile phone shop on Bethnal Green Road, in the pissing rain, to get a new one, I was absolutely soaked when I got back.

I caught a programme on BBC Four last night about children’s TV, it featured all the classics that I loved and hated growing up plus the new generation of programmes. The sad thing was when they said that the BBC were no longer doing children’s programming for anyone over 11 years of age, this saw the end of Grange Hill and Byker Grove!

That is a bit shit, it has been the way for decades, 3:30-6pm was Children’s TV as millions of kids all over the country would sit in front of the telly and flick from BBC One to ITV to watch their favourite shows until the boring Six O’Clock News would come on.

I also still fondly remember Saturday morning TV as a kid…

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