No Luck On The Job Hunting

I have been applying for as many jobs as I can find for the past few months. Although I get work from an agency, and they have told me I am one of their best workers, it isn’t regular and not knowing if you have a full week of work next week (or even any at all) is something that I find rather stressful.

My phone has lots of job apps on it and I spend most of the evening searching through them, which I am sure upsets and annoys my girlfriend because she’d much rather I was spending that time on her. I would too, but cuddling on the sofa watching TV won’t pay my bills.

Receiving so many rejection emails has started to get to me. I’m not applying for jobs that are above and beyond my abilities, I’m applying for estate operative and cleaner positions, but employers want so much from their employees these days that it is becoming ridiculous.

I couldn’t apply for a job today as a public toilet cleaner because I do not possess an A-Level! Let that sink in: they want someone with at least one A-Level to mop up piss on a toilet floor.

I have been looking into working online, but the jobs that are available in my ability range are paying such low amounts because so many people are fighting for them. I think the only real way to make money online now is as an affiliate marketer, and that takes a lot of time, work and even more money.

I didn’t go out for a run today, I just wasn’t in the mood for it, I’ll take myself out for one tomorrow.

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