Nightmare At Christmas

Christmas is looming in the not-too-distant future and it is one of the holidays that I do not look forward to at all. Well maybe I look forward to the huge turkey dinner but that would be about it. There is never anything good on the TV, kids drive you mad for the entire day, relatives drop by and normally ones you don’t particularly like.

Another headache that I have is what to buy people as presents. If it is a family member then it is already quite difficult but it becomes nothing short of a nightmare when the person is your partner.

My dad would regularly upset my mum by giving her pots and pans as a birthday present or bedding as a Christmas present, although that was nothing compared to the year he gave her £50 and told her to get herself something nice for St. Valentines Day!

If only it was a simple as just picking up a jar of the best eye cream, it’s not like she doesn’t spend a fortune on these types of products anyway.

Photo by Rob Kimball from FreeImages

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