Nice Gig At The Hope & Anchor

Reiss is now wearing what I can only call war paint in his desperate bid to become accepted. It looks like he has been hit across the face with bamboo.

I went out with Reiss last night. To be honest I was not really in the mood but I wanted to get out of the house so I tagged along to see Bernie (AKA CatMan) playing a set at a pub called The Hope and Anchor which is a very popular music pub in Islington. If you are into 70′s punk you’ll have heard of it.

It cost a fiver to get in but you got to see three acts and there is a bar which is not crowded so I think that is a good deal, three acts plus a bar without a huge bloody line! The beer was cheap as well, two pints of Carling for only £5.50.

The one thing that puzzled me, and slightly annoyed me, was when the first guy finished his set half the people buggered off, more trickled in and then when the second guy finished his set again half the room emptied.

You’ve paid £5.00 to get in why would you stay just to see one act and then leave? You never know you might like the other two acts that you did not come to see? Maybe it is just me being a tight git?

Bernie was bloody great, the guy is so talented. He was accompanied by Kenny on the drums. At the end of his set everyone wanted an encore and he did another couple of songs before calling time on the gig.

Will turned up just as Bernie was about to start his set. It was nice to see Will again, I am ashamed to say that when I first met Will I got a bad impression of him but now I actually enjoy his company and we get on well.

As I got on the bus to go home some guy on the top deck told me I had dropped my debit card. I had to get on the bus and go back here thankfully it was lying on the floor un-stolen. Reiss made a bit of a thin about having to get off the bus but as I pointed out to him I did not make him get off the bus, in fact I told him to stay on the bus.

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