Next Time I’ll Go By Train

Every time I get the coach to and from Manchester I always promise myself that next time I will go by train to try and save myself from the misery that goes with getting a coach, but I never do get the train, I put myself through the misery simply because I’m guaranteed a seat.

This time not only did I have to put up with people shoving me and hitting me with their luggage but I had to spend FIVE HOURS sitting next to a six month old baby, the mum and dad were going up to Scotland which meant that the child would have to stay on the coach for NINE HOURS, who in their right mind would take a six month old child on a NINE HOUR non-stop coach journey?

Megabus rarely let you get off (only if they arrive at a driver change 15 minutes early), I have been told that this is illegal while I’m not sure about this I have spent multiple hours on a coach a couple of times going from places like Plymouth all the way up to Manchester and even Scotland.

I was hoping to get some work done on the coach, this is always a gamble with Megabus as only their double decker coaches offer Wi-Fi and plug sockets and even then you have to hope the bus driver is in a good mood as he controls the switches that turn them on and off. We got a double decker coach this time but the Wi-Fi was turned off and I saw two people politely ask the driver to turn it on and he refused so I played Football Manager for five hours.

My girlfriend’s daughter (who frighteningly reminded me that she was now my stepdaughter) promised to treat us to a nice home cooked curry. Obviously I had to buy the ingredients and my girlfriend had to cook it but I’m guessing that since we used her cooker it still counts as her treat. :)

It was accompanied by my girlfriend’s grandson smashing me in the face with one of his toys, I would have preferred cake and custard.

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