New Phone

I still have not heard from anyone at Acton Town so I am now assuming that they have decided that they do not want me to be part of their football club anymore. After a season and a half of putting everything I have into playing for them they have decided to kick me to the kurb and they did not even have the decency to tell me to my face.

Oh well, it is their loss. I would like to see them find some other cunt who will make them a decent web site and run it as good as I have (and make it profitable!) for nothing.

I bet that when they realise that they can not find anybody who will put in as much blood, sweat and effort as I have then they will come begging me to come back like they did last time

Well they can fuck off!

My brother rolled out of bed and actually managed to come up and bring me a replacement phone after I broke my one. It is a Nokia 3220. My old one was a manky Nokia 3310.

Photo by jarpur from FreeImages

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