New Laptop

I have a new laptop today, actually I got it yesterday. My brother brought it brand new a couple of months ago and he now has his eye on a better one so he sold it to me for such a bargain that I could be accused of stealing it from him!

It is very fast and is perfect for me to run Future Music Radio with. I spent most of last night, and early Monday morning, cleaning up the hard drive as he wiped a lot of programs but there was still over 10gb of shite to get rid of, I scanned the entire drive and removed a few viruses and lots and lots of spyware and now the laptop is running even faster then before!

I did not want to throw my old PC away as it still had a use so I put it in the front room and gave it to my dad, who did not even have the good grace to say thank you for it – but I should not have expected anything less from him.

I have started the arduous task of ripping the music from the CDs for the Future Music Radio playlist, this will take a bit of a while as I have around 30 CDs to review and then rip.


I’ve been playing Football Manager 06 for the past couple of days as it runs so bloody fast on my laptop that I can play an entire season in one single day! I’ve taken over Eastbourne Borough as I like taking over rubbish clubs in the bottom divisions.

I’ve got this thing about rubbish teams…

Photo by Paul Pasieczny from FreeImages

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