New Hat!

It was really hot today so I decided to get some sun on my arms to help clear up the psoriasis that I have on them. Apparently sunlight (or more specifically the UVB sunray) is said to be the best cure for it.

I walked along the canal to Stoke Newington and brought some new clothes and a rather funky hat. The canal towpath was absolutely packed with people sunbathing for some reason! How can you do that with bikers coming past to run you over every five minutes? Don’t these people realise that there is a huge park just next door to the canal?

After being released from Stoke Newington police station I walked back along the canal towpath to Bethnal Green. I had a quick bath and put on some strong steroid cream on my arms. I’ve just now looked at my arms and the psoriasis is fading quite nicely. 🙂

This stuff has put me through hell over the years, I’ve had it since I was born and it has basically isolated me from being a normal person. But I’ll beat the little fucker, even if it is the last thing I do!

Photo by Lotus Head from FreeImages

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