New Found Love For Writing

Days Without Alcohol: 12

The whole ‘ghost writing’ thing is slowly starting to take off, I have done about 6 so far, sadly most of them were about niches that I have no understanding of so I had to do a lot of research and then simply hope that my writing could carry it off like I was aware of what I was doing.

My newly found passion for writing has seen the resurrection of my infamous wrestling column The Final Cut. Which is just me moaning and bitching about the world of wrestling but it seems to be popular.

Why spend hours writing about how the business can be improved when simply calling Rey Mysterio an annoying fucking cunt goes down just as well.

For the past couple of years I have been storing in the back of my mind some ideas for books that I would have liked to have written at some point before I snuff it. Well I thought that my recent status as an unemployed bum would be a perfect time for me to give one of the ideas a go.

I was confronted by one of my neighbours this morning. I have lived next door to him for about eight years and have never had a cross word with him (that must be a first). He told me that the annoying family upstairs had taken offense to him asking them to be quiet and had reported him to the police & the council for harassment.

I can understand a bit of noise but I think it is very much out of order to have your kids screaming and your dogs barking at 4am in the fucking morning. This is the same family that flooded their bathroom a couple of years ago and had water stored under their bath that was seeping through our ceiling and they refused to let anyone in to fix it.

Wayne told me that my line manager still wants me to come back to work. So far I have said no. I feel like a dick for backing down, the entire office is talking about me being a dick for backing down and she wants me to stand in a room full of about a hundred people and point out the guy like some naughty school boy.

No thank you.

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