New Domain Name!

Well I have finally taken the plunge and decided that it was time that I purchased a domain name for my personal website.

For the past six years I have been using domain names such as,, and free urls like to link to my personal website in the past but now I have finally bought


Reiss and his girlfriend have broken up. This has come as no great shock to me as I saw it coming about early December time last year, actually I’m more surprised that she did not dump his arse earlier.

Although he is my dearest friend I sometimes feel like I could punch him in the face and make him wake up and see the mistakes he keeps making in his relationships. How many bloody times does someone have to be dumped to realise it is him and not the women he dates?

He is the kind of person who will not listen to what other people have to say to him nor will he read situations. I could have sat him down and told him for hours exactly where he was going wrong but it would have most definitely gone in one ear and straight out the other.

In fact I once did just that, I tried to stop him from making one of these many mistakes and he basically told me to keep my nose out of his business. So I have sat there and watched it all unfold with a small amount of me wishing to point at him and scream “YOU FUCKING DICKHEAD!”

It is a shame because she is a really nice girl and I actually got on with her, until that incident between me and Reiss then she took an instant dislike to me. The sad thing is that Jen was the best thing that will ever happen to him and he blew it.

What a 42-carat plonker!


I finished my season with Acton Town Two Saturdays ago, I had to be dragged off at half-time on our last match as I could barely run without my wrist causing me pain. I’m talking the bringing-you-down-to-one-knee type of pain. I watched the second half with a couple of beers and I got some horrible looks from certain people connected with the club.

I checked the official club website and I have the best consistency rating out of the entire team for the amount of games I played. I got an average rating of 6.9 per game, only one other player has a higher rating and that is Edward (7) but he has only played about 5 games where as I played 15 so it doesn’t count!

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