New Diet & Workout Plan

The pain from the bruised kidney has almost disappeared completely, something I was not expecting for at least a week or so judging by my previous bouts with bruised parts of my body, maybe bruises on the inside heal at a much faster rate than on the outside?

I felt well enough to get a workout done. I have been following a new diet and workout plan since Monday of last week which consists of working out every Monday, Wednesday & Friday and taking supplements. After only a week I could already see a little definition coming through which spurred me on to stick with the diet and workout part of the plan.

I stopped taking the supplements because after 5 days of taking them I was shitting like a cow the entire time, so much so that I almost shit myself in public, I never realised I could run so fast back home! Or maybe my brain stepped in and stopped my bowels from opening, saying “we’re 36, we’re too old to be shitting ourselves in public!”

I’ve actually kept it under my hat mostly (the diet and workout plan, not the shit) because I told a couple of people who are very close to me and they laughed in my face. You’d think I would have become used to this as it happens all the time, but I somehow expected people to be supportive.

Silly Deano.

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