New Blockbuster

Thanks to one of my many weird dreams lately I have come up with an awesome idea for a film that I don’t think has ever been done before. A man invites several of his friends to come and stay for a weekend at his house and then for no apparent reason he changes his mind and wants them to leave after a day.

But here comes the twist – rather than ask them to leave he goes off to hire some muscle to kill all of his friends, who are frantically running around the house trying to pick up all of their belongings that the guy has, for some reason, hidden before he gets back.

Unfortunately I woke up before the guy and his muscle returned so the film will end on a bit of a cliff-hanger, just like The Italian Job.

I’m confident that this is going to make me a fortune and will be bracing myself for the barrage of calls and emails from film makers fighting each other to offer me a lucrative contract to put this epic on the big screen.

Photo by Carlos Sillero from FreeImages

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