Never Making That Journey Again!

When Tracy comes to London I do two things. I clean like a mad person and I get the coach up to Manchester to meet her and we then get the coach back to London together. I think this is a nice thing to do but after my last experience I think that is the last time I do it again.

When it is time for her to go home I go up to Manchester with her, say goodbye and then wait for my coach to arrive to take me back to London. How many of you would make that journey for a loved one never mind a friend?

Everyone tells me I am crazy for doing it and I think they might be right.

Taking her home we were caught in a big snow blizzard and had to wait because apparently it was too dangerous to continue. Although it was warm in the coach we were all still looking out the window wishing someone would appear with some snow blower trucks to clear our path.

Then on the way back we had to wait TWO FUCKING HOURS because our new driver had to abandon his previous bus in the snow and make an alternative route to get to us to drive our bus. When he got to us he didn’t apologise or even start driving, he decided to have a cigarette and chat with another member of staff!

I was meant to be home by 10pm, I didn’t get home till gone 2am.

I was lucky though, one poor lady had to sleep in Victoria station until the morning because she had missed her train and it was the last one of the night to her destination. :(

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