My Taste in DVDs is Racist

I went into town today to do the food shopping and as it wasn’t going to be delivered until some time in the evening I decided to pop into Cash Convertors to have a gander at the DVDs that they had for sale, I like checking them out because I am always going to come out with at least one bargain.

It turned out that I found quite a few little bargains and had to stop before I bought the entire shelf:

  • Angry Kid: Complete first series = £0.49
  • Bill Bailey: Part Troll (£0.49)
  • Billy Connolly: You Asked For It (£0.49)
  • ECW: Best of Guilty As Charged (£1.00)
  • Lee Nelson: Qualiteee! (£0.49)
  • Lilly Savage: Live And Dangerous (£0.49)
  • Peep Show: Series 3, 4, & 5 (£1.00 each)
  • Roy Chubby Brown 3 DVD box-set (£0.49)

As they were being scanned through the till the black bloke serving me suddenly looked at me in a weird way and then looked at the DVD he was holding, and he said that he was not going to serve me. I thought he was joking as there are a couple of people who work there that will jokingly pick up one of the DVDs and say “I am not serving you if you’re buying this” so I laughed, but he was deadly serious. It was then that I noticed he was holding the Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown box-set.

Now, I am not a massive fan of this comedian, I find that his material is a mixture of offensive jokes, unfunny jokes, and 30-year old jokes that old comedians like Mike Reid, Jethro, Jimmy Jones, and the ilk use regularly, but my dad likes him so I picked it up for him (I’m also slowly picking up every series of Shameless for him).

He pressed a buzzer under the desk and told me that I might as well move because he “wasn’t going to serve no racist”, he then took DVDs from someone behind me and started to run them through the till. I don’t take too kindly to being called a racist rather loudly in public so I demanded to know why it was racist to buy a DVD, after all a staff member had obviously seen the DVD before putting it on the shelves so they must have OK’d it.

He ignored me and the manager appeared, the cashier told the manager that he wasn’t serving me because I was a racist, before the manager could come to the wrong conclusion I told him that all I wanted to do was buy this DVD and he had labelled me a racist because of it. I didn’t really want the box-set now, but there were a lot of people in the store that I knew so it was now a matter of principal. The manager picked up the box-set and kept looking at it and then looking at me and then looking at the cashier, trying to work it out in his own head. Rather than tell the cashier off he opted to defuse the situation by saying “the only thing he is guilty of is having rubbish taste in comedy”.

He opened a new till for me and served me.

No apology, just a poor joke and a lot of staring was all I received, if the shoe had been on the other foot and I had accused him of being racist then I would have been escorted from the premises or the police would have been called.

The bloke in front of me bought an Eddie Murphy stand-up DVD where the most prominent word out of his mouth during the entire show is the word Nigger.

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