My Sisters Visit Too Much

My sisters came round today and yesterday. I don’t like it when they come round because they start telling me what I can and can’t do in my own home and my dad won’t say anything against them for fear of upsetting his little princesses.

I ask them not to smoke in the house, they reply with “bollocks” and light up. My dad moans about it when they leave but won’t say anything to their faces. I have to lock my dog up in a really small room for hours on end because one of the nieces is terrified of dogs and she is a spoilt little brat and must get her own way all the time.

I took the dog out for a walk yesterday, I had her on the lead and the niece screamed blue murder at the sight of her and her mum screamed in my face and KICKED out at the dog. I had her on a lead and was nowhere near the kid. But I’m not allowed to say anything against her kicking my dog.

One of my sisters is a right snob and she throws things out without asking or telling anyone, so we start looking for something a month later and she will just say that she threw it out.

They made me late for work yesterday, thankfully the supervisor did not notice otherwise I might have got the sack as I’ve been warned about being late before due to the shitty bus service in London.

I really wish they would not come round anymore, or at least wait until I’ve gone out and not bring their fucking kids with them.

Photo by Rene Asmussenfoto from FreeImages

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