I went to meet Katrina this afternoon to pick up the kids outside the school and take them to play football, well that is what I thought but it turns out she dumped Nathan, Jack, Nicola & her dog Tia on me to walk them all home through the park.

Thankfully her boyfriend Darren turned up and helped me across the park with them. Katrina went to give blood and is very selfish to leave me with all the kids and a dog like that.

While I took the kids she told me that my mum had been arrested, well she told me that she as in prison.

Apparently she had worked as a cleaner at a big house about 7 months ago, the owners had a reputation of employing illegal immigrants and apparently a ring, necklace and a bracelet went missing and basically they can’t trace the illegal immigrants so they accused my mum who was arrested and locked up in a cell.

I wanted to go up to Reading with my brother but knowing me I’d have probably lost my temper and twatted the nearest copper and end up in a cell next door to her, so it was probably for the best that I stayed at home and asked Wayne to keep me informed.

Apparently they did not release her until gone 1am in the morning, so they held her for 24 hours

Image by falco from Pixabay

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