My Search For Pre-Drilled Door Knob Holes Continues

I have an issue that no amount of Googling seems to be able to solve. I’ve spent hours on the search engine, I’ve posted pleas for help on Facebook and Twitter and yet I have been unable to find anyone who can help me with this problem.

I want to start decorating my flat. It hasn’t been done in over 6 years and the wallpaper is torn in places and falling off in others, the painted walls have been smudged with grease thanks to my mechanic nephew’s grubby hands, almost all of the door knobs have broken off, and the glossed surfaces have been poorly done.

But the big issue I am having is replacing the internal doors.

I can only seem to find doors where you need to make the holes for the door knob yourself, I have been unable to find any companies that sell doors with the holes already drilled out. This is something I can not do myself as I have a vision problem.

Why is this such a difficult thing to find? Has nobody in the hardware industry thought about this before? Somebody could make a fortune by setting up a Direct Door Hardware company and sell pre-drilled door handles holes.

It is such a frustrating problem because it is literally the only thing that is stopping me from kicking off the decorating and I have seen some lovely doorknobs at, but I’m reluctant to buy them when I can’t fix them until I find pre-drilled doors.

Do you know a company that offers these kid of doors? Prhaps my searching has not ben thorough enough? Please get in touch if you help.

Image by Mabel Amber from Pixabay

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