My Readers Are Very Helpful

Whoever said that the people who read my blog are not looking out for my best interests obviously doesn’t know them as well as I do. I’ve received some rather lovely comments lately informing me that Soma would be the best way to overdose.

Not sure if that is true, or how easy it would be to get hold of in this country, but thank you dear readers for your kind suggestions.

I swapped emails with someone today which put me in an even worse mood. Again I failed to get my points across clearly in written form. But at least I have a better understanding now of where I stand/stood. I think we can call this closure.

The phone woke me up from a lovely sleep. It was the receptionist from the doctor’s surgery. When I went to see the doctor, to get anti-depressants earlier this month, he urged me to have some tests to check if my liver and kidneys had been damaged by the two overdoses.

I’m guessing the “the doctor would like to talk to you as soon as possible about your test results” means something is wrong. Good.

Maybe I don’t have to try another suicide attempt, maybe my liver or kidneys will do it for me. Hurry up, lazy internal organs. All the alcohol and drugs I’ve given you over the years, it’s about time you repaid me. You’re like those rich children leeching off mummy and daddy.

The cunt (yes he is!) who wanted to buy my Amon Amarth ticket sent me a text today to tell me he won’t need the ticket. So it looks like I might go after all. I shall go in disguise, great big coat, fake nose, chin putty, fake eyebrows and a hat Nobody will spot me like that.

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