My Puppy Has A Name!

Well it certainly has been a manic 24 hours here in the Saliba household. I brought the new puppy home yesterday (OK I had it brought to me by my brother, don’t pick hairs with me Rodney!) and boy has she made herself at home!

She has never been away from her mother before (I’m not sure how good it is to give away or sell a puppy that has been cruelly yanked from its mother’s breast) so I am going to have to take it slow, I took her out every couple of hours and the poor thing urinated in fright every time!

She gets the hiccups every time I bring her back inside because she is so scared. 🙂

She is refusing to be walked on the lead outside but she is happy to race with me down the landing and into the lift but then I have to pick her up and take her to the grass. Once she is on the grass though she is walking about and having a good old sniff around.

Inside is a different story she is into everything I do not think there is a part of he flat that she has not investigated yet!

She is also eating and drinking very well which is a good sign, she was a bit reluctant at first as apparently she is used to fighting her siblings to the food bowl, where as here she has her own.

Things have started brightly. 🙂

I had a huge reply to my plea to help me come up with a name for her, the breeder had named her Blackie but obviously I can not call her that so I put out a plea and it was answered by about 100 people on my blog,, via email, UKFF and Digital Point!

One of my favourites was from JLM from the UKFF who offered up Genki as a name, but when I initially told people their response was “Junkie? You’re calling you dog Junkie?” So sadly I had to drop that idea and after looking over the huge list I decided to go with one that was suggested via email.

Thank you to Mark Simmonds my new puppy is now called Roxy. 🙂

I’d like to thank everyone who took the time and effort to throw a name into the hat. I thought it was a fun thing to do 🙂

Image by Helena Sushitskaya from Pixabay

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