My Psoriasis Is Melting!

I woke up this morning and looked at my arms while I was having my morning shower and I discovered that after only three treatments the scabs on my arms are almost gone!

On Monday I shall start on my legs, which is where the worst of my psoriasis is based. But this is very encouraging that after only three days it has almost cleared up my arms, apart from a small faded spot here and there.

Things also seem to be going well for me at work as well. I am now hitting my targets so (touch wood) when I get paid on the 22nd I shall have a nice big bonus of about £150 to make it a very merry Christmas.

Thes told me via her Facebook status that Blur are going to be reuniting for a one-off gig (of course this will not be a one-off gig, they will get a tour going at some point) in Hyde Park in July next year. The tickets are £45 and go on sale on Friday. I shall be busting my balls to get one but if I fail I will buy one off Ebay.

I kick myself to this day for missing the East 17 reunion show so I am damned if I am going to miss this one!

I’ll leave you with a line from a sitcom I’m watching called The Smoking Room:

Barry: When I was a child I wanted to be a surgeon.

Robin: What stopped you?

Barry: (Looks at Robin slightly confused) “Well they don’t let children perform operations.”

That right there is fucking genius writing on an upmost scale!

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