My Poor Computer Is Dying On Me

I’ve had her for about four years now and in that time she has had the following:

  • Five new hard drives.
  • Three dial-up modems
  • Two sound cards
  • Two broadband modems
  • And more ram then a herd of slutty sheep!

But alas she is just about done. The processor is a 433 mhz Intel Celeron, which was made in 1999, and is way out of date. I can now just about barely listen to Rocket FM (Hello Mr. Watts!) without the poor thing spluttering and coughing.

But this should be looked upon as a good thing for this computer could never handle running Future Music Radio like it did before when it was under the guise of Tapp Out Radio earlier this year. My new computer will be countless times faster.

I am also looking into purchasing an external hard drive to store the songs and sweepers for the station so that I do not clog up my internal hard drive as quickly.

The website for the station is now up, if anybody fancies having a look at it. It is basically the same design as Tapp Out Radio, there are some pages still not uploaded yet but they will be soon.

Reiss went to visit Jen’s nan this weekend, this means that I get to save a couple of quid by not going out with them. I can not really afford it these days to be honest.

Who knows, I might actually get myself a job and be able to afford it in the future. Don’t hold your breath though, who wants to employ someone who has been out of work for the past ten years and has no qualifications that are worth anything?

Photo by Aureliy Movila from FreeImages

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