My Nan Is Back Home. :)

I received word that my nan has been allowed to move back into her flat again. She has dementia brought on by alzheimer’s and after falling over and breaking her arm she was sectioned and placed in a nursing home.

I went to see her while she was in there and it was a horrible experience, she looked nothing like the person I remembered and kept asking who I was and looking at me with distrust as she picked at a scab on her forehead that she has from an operation to remove some kind of Mesothelioma cancer.

I thought it was a permanent thing and that she would spent the rest of her life in the home but apparently it was merely a temporary situation while her arm got better. As soon as she was better my mum had her taken out and took her home with my uncle. That’s where she should be in my opinion, not in a cold sterile nursing home with people shitting themselves and making patterns with it.

She is apparently much more happier now she is home. She is with my uncle and his family over Christmas but when she returns in the new year I’m hoping to pay her a visit. I’ll remember to wear my glasses because she seems to recognise me when I wear them. :)

Photo by MARIE JEANNE Iliescu from FreeImages

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