My holiday is getting closer!

I am actually really looking forward to it now, I said that I would not make any plans for what I will do when I get to Seaford (well apart from going to the music festival) and I would just see where things took me.

Well I have started making a few plans such as catching a football game and spending the evenings in the various pubs to sample the local ales. I’m even thinking about travelling into Newhaven to see their famous forte.

When I went to boarding school there at the weekends we would go and do an outside activity (walking in the forest, swimming, etc) and on the way back we would stop at a village shop in neighbouring Alfriston to buy some sweets form the big jars.

I am seriously thinking about going back there to see if the shop is still there so I can buy some of the sweets. The sweets were absolutely lovely and yeah I could buy them from Quarter Pound Of but I think the whole point is also visiting the shop again.

I’m aware how sad I am.

My brother brought his digital camera round so I will be able to take some pictures when I go at the end of the month. :)

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