My Holiday Is Booked!

Well it is official, this morning I paid the deposit for my accommodation so I will have somewhere to sleep when I go at the end of the month instead of the prospect of having to kip on the beach or a park bench in the town centre.

I then spent most of the morning trying to figure out how to order train tickets online. I was informed via LBC Radio that if you order them in advance then you can save some money. After a bit of tantrum-throwing and hunting around their web site I finally found out how to do it and purchased two single tickets (one there and one back) for a tenner each, saving about £6.00.

These have now been booked also and are currently winging their way to me as I type this up.

This sort of makes it official now doesn’t it? Now that I have booked the room and the tickets it means that this is very real and is going to happen. I have looked at booking a holiday before but as soon as I hit a snag I give up. I was meant to go away with Reiss once but I had problems with ordering my passport and basically gave up.

But not this time, look out people f Seaford & Alfriston: Dean’s coming to scare you!

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