My Football Training Is Coming Along

Football training seems to be coming along nicely and I am very pleased with my progress at the moment. During the two games we played I scored three very good goals and made enough chances to get at least 10 but with no real markings for the goals (just jumpers and bags) most of them were waved away by the other team as misses.

I was quite annoyed to have a goal ruled out that was possibly the best goal I will ever score. Robert went down the right and I came charging through the middle, he launched the ball towards me and I met it perfectly with a beauty of a bullet header and sent it into the corner of the goal.

We are using proper goals next week so no more cheating from a certain Kurdish person.

I can feel my fitness returning as well. Reiss told me last night that apparently I now look ‘healthy’ since I cut down on the amount of alcohol I consume. Which is certainly not what he was implying yesterday.

Speaking of Bethnal Green Celtic, I am going to have to start looking at getting some insurance for the players and the club (you can’t play in a league without it anymore) and some of the insurance quotes that I have seen have been worryingly high.

Football clubs are ordered to have insurance these days because there are some vicious people playing football who will not hesitate to snap your leg in two if they get half a chance.

Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay

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