My First Taste Of Espresso

Hotmail was trending on Twitter this morning. My initial thought was that it was being closed down. This would be something of a shock to me as I have held the same Hotmail address since I first came online almost 20 years ago.

The thought of having to use another email address actually filled me with a mixture of fear and dread. Something akin to having to cram my meagre possessions into an overnight bag and leave my flat and head off into the unknown. What would happen to me? How will I survive?

Thankfully it was not announcing its closure. It was merely twats talking about how long they had held the same email address for and other twats mentioning the stupid names they put into their addresses back then.


Whilst on my training run around Vicky Park today I noticed a group of runners in fancy dress just ahead of me, there was also people on the side of the road cheering them. I was initially annoyed as we are in a national lockdown and all races are supposed to be cancelled.

As I got closure I noticed they were being filmed.

It turns out it was not a race, it was an advert.

My training session meant laps of the west side of the park, and I certainly wasn’t going to let a group of extras in fancy dress stop my session. I put my head down and carried on and ignored the snide comments as I ran around them.

I ended up doing four laps and with each one the moaning got louder and louder. If they didn’t want us running around their filming then maybe don’t hold your filming in the middle of a popular running route?

While at work tonight I ordered a hot chocolate from the drinks machine, but they had run out (I actually got a cup of brown water), I scanned the options that hadn’t runn out and it was down to two:

  • Espresso
  • Hot water

I have never had an espresso before, I know that is is a form of coffee and that is basically about all I know of this drink. I thought I’d have one and looking into the cup at the small amount of espresso I thought the machine had malfunctioned.

Yes, I now know that it comes in a small amount. I ended up filling up a large polystyrene cup with multiple doses of espresso. Suffice to say I am still buzzing my tits off.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

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