My Dog Is A Violent Thug!

Growing up in the East End of London, and running with certain people, I have seen some serious fights and attacks in my time but this morning I witnessed a savage attack that ranks possibly in the top five list.

I took my dog for a walk on the only piece of grass we are still allowed to walk dogs on and after I had let her off the leash I thought nothing of it as she belted around the grass until after about 10 seconds I noticed she was chasing something black around.

I thought it was a plastic bag but then she caught it and whatever it was started screaming. I’ve never heard a bag scream before, even when they are being taken up into the air by gusts of wind.

I soon realised it was a small black bird (I’m not sure what species it is), she was now jumping on it with her front paws and was lunging at it and biting the poor thing as it flapped and screamed in a desperate bid to escape.

I grabbed her by the collar and pulled her away as feathers flew everywhere like black confetti. As I put her on the leash I looked over at the bird which was not moving, my dog as a murderer!

After taking her upstairs I popped down to go to the shop and decided to have a look and see if the bird was really dead. There was no bird so I’m assuming it was not really dead and was merely wounded and able to run/fly away to tell it’s tale of being mauled by my stupid dog.

My dog is not a murderer, but she is guilty of GBH. That is what growing up in Bethnal Green does to you!

Image by Pezibear from Pixabay

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