My Bachelor Pad Is Taking Shape

I will be getting paid on Friday so probably over the weekend I shall be going out to look for some home theater carpeting for my room that I am planning to turn into some supercool bachelor pad that nobody will be allowed to venture into.

I was going to buy a plasma TV that I have had my eye on for a while but I currently have no carpet on my bedroom floor and it is bloody cold when I get up in the morning for work!

I also plan to buy some freaky cool leather chairs, well you do need some expensively comfy chairs to go with that big fuck-off television.

In other news

Sadly it looks like my plans to make a dent in Blog Idol II have gone for a burden as I had a bit of trouble with my webhost last week and they shut me down for a couple of days and I lost all the subscribers that I have gathered. :(

Image by 4854965 from Pixabay

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