Must Buy Replacements Before I Throw Away Old Stuff

I decided not to attend training with Custom House tonight because during a rare shot at goal I managed to somehow tear a massive slit right down the side of my left astro boot and I threw them out and then neglected to buy a new pair. Fuck playing in trainers, I’d be sliding about like Bambi on ice.

It is always a strange sensation when I don’t go to a training session or play or watch a football match at the weekend, when Custom House 6s’ league closed I was lost for a few Thursdays afterwards and the following Thursday I even started contacting players for a game that wasn’t happening.

Speaking of Custom House 6s – I received confirmation from the league that our new league will start on February 5th. It I good to be playing Thursdays again as I thoroughly enjoy the run-out and the players we have in the side are a good bunch of lads and are fun to be around.

Having said that, if we don’t win the league I’ll drop the fucking lot of them!

Photo by George Takis from FreeImages

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