Mr Bloom Had His Bananas Nicked

Yesterday Wythenshawe’s town centre had a special fun day where you could look at owls, pet donkeys, get your face painted and watch some dickhead off CBeebies singing about growing veggies in his garden that come alive and sing with him.

We met the daughter and her 4 year old son and spent about six hours walking around, while I was knackered it looked like Justin had a fantastic time as he got to see Mr Bloom (the aforementioned nutter who has veggies as friends) not once but twice as he does his routine twice an hour.

During the routine he hands out the veggies which are basically real fruit and veg but with toy eyes stuck on them, during the first show someone stole the bunch of bananas. This just goes to show you what kind of people live in Wythenshawe, they nicked a bunch of bananas.

Later at the flat I was warned not to leave anything on the window sills when the windows were open as people walk past and help themselves, I used to laugh this off but now I believe them!

More cleaning today but the lazy son and his equally lazy girlfriend refused to leave the front room and wouldn’t let his mum clean it so we left them to sit in the filth that they have created while we went out and visited a few more people and had more cups of tea, I never drink this stuff at home but as soon as I got up North I guzzle it.

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