Moving On

My last blog post was written and published while I was in a really down mood. I regretted publishing it as soon as I left my house for work. I’m not going to take it down though, I’m going to leave it there as a reminder not to let anyone get close to me again as I don’t want to go through this shit anymore.

I’m going to think about getting away for another weekend soon, it did me the world of good just leaving and spending the weekend on my own (IE nobody that I knew) last time so it might help again.

Shame I’m not living in the US as I could have got a good deal with New Choice Hotels. I’m not sure if I’ll book the B&B I stayed at last time as they have almost doubled the price of their rooms since I last stayed there.

I was meant to go to East Finchley to meet up with someone and watch the Millwall/Leeds game in a pub up there. We were both going to head into Camden (him) and Archway (me) after the game so thought we might as well meet up and watch it together.

He contacted me this morning and told me he was not well (why do so many people get ill just before they are due to meet up with me?) so would not be meeting me today. I thought it was pretty pointless going all the way to East Finchley to sit in a pub on my own so I decided to find a pub near me.

During the second half Reiss turned up and made me and the landlady almost sick with his half pint of beer & tomato juice cocktail. She called me normal for drinking beer, that is the first time I’ve ever been called normal!

I decided not to go to the gig in Archway as I wasn’t feeling very sociable but I did not go home, instead I jumped on a bus & train with Reiss and went to Camden.

I met the American he is doinking. When he introduced me she looked me up and down like I was a piece of shit, this pissed me off so I made several comments about her that I made sure was loud enough for her to hear. But being American she was probably too stupid to pick up on them.

That might sound harsh but don’t sit there and look me up & down like I am something nasty on your shoe when you have bushy ginger hair, an arse the size of Egypt and really horrible shoes.

I just got an email informing me that Ricky Gervais is doing a stand-up gig at the Arts Depot in North Finchley on May 26 & May 27th. I missed the last one so I really want to pop over for one of those dates. I always liked his stand-up over his TV stuff. Might even make a night of it and hit a few pubs before/after.

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