More Sign-Ups Mean More Work

[wpv-post-body][wpv-post-title][wpv-post-shortcode]This morning I went for a run and 25 minutes into a scheduled 40 minute run I felt a very sharp pain in my leg, it was so bad that it forced me to abandoned the rest of the run and limp home feeling very sorry for myself. Hopefully this isn’t anything major and a couple of days rest will sort it out.

I have been going for a world record lately by signing up to the most employment agencies, I’m not sure such a record exists (in fact I’m certain it doesn’t), but if such a record did exist then I would surely have my name on it.

My reasoning for signing up to so many is that the more agencies I sign up to then the more chance there is of work. This seems to be working as I recently completed a two week position and tonight I started a new temporary position as an evening caretaker. It is for at least eight weeks and could be longer as the person I am covering for has taken two months off sick, so you can assume he has more than a case of a head cold.

The position is pretty straight forward: I am to empty all the litter bins in the school grounds, go inside and empty the big litter bins in the hallways, make sure all windows are closed, make sure all lights are turned off, lock all the doors and then set the three alarms.

Tonight I just shadowed one of the other caretakers called James. It seems rather simple, even though it is a big site with 90 classrooms, 40 offices and FOUR playgrounds.

The last time I travelled between Cambridge Heath and Stoke Newington the trains on that line were falling apart and stunk of piss, so imagine my shock when a new flashy and shiny train pulled into the station. It even had WIFI on board!

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