More Money To Fork Out

My sister came down today to give me the money that she owes me for looking after her boy during the recent half-term break. Her childminder charges £35 a day for looking after kids during the school holidays so my sister asked me as she could not afford that.

I looked after him for what turned out to be three weeks and got paid £40.00 for it. My mum went mental because I not only looked after him but I fed him and took him out to the park and playgrounds and stuff. If the childminder had looked after him, and done what I had done, she would have had to pay her around £525.00.

I’m not too bothered though, £40.00 is better than a kick in the face with a pair of football boots. In fact it will help me pay for my trip to Ireland to see Reiss and Jen.

I contacted PlusNet today to ask them when they intended to send me my replacement modem. They replied within an hour and told me that BT had contacted them and informed them that my phone line had some work done on it and now it was not ADSL-compatable.

That is why I could not connect to my broadband account. There is nothing wrong with the modem.

Then PlusNet told me that if I wanted the line ADSL-ready again then I would have to fork out £47.50! They aknowledged that it was not my fault but I would still have to pay anyway!

I’m trying to save up to go and visit Reiss and Jen in Ireland, hopefully in time for their last weekend there. I’ve got to get a passport which will set me back £70.00 and then flights and a B&B so I don’t need hassles like this broadband business at the moment!

Just as I was about to post this PlusNet emailed me and offered to sort it out for an admin fee of £5.88 and a promise that I would not leave PlusNet or move house for the next 12 months.

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