More Back Trouble

I was walking back from buying my nephew a takeaway when i suddenly was struck with a severe pain in my left kidney, the only reason I didn’t drop to my knees because of the immense pain was because I was with my nephew and being an idiot I didn’t want him to see me in pain.

It got worse as the day progressed, to the point where it would take me a good 10 minutes to get in and out of chairs, I couldn’t bend over to pick things up and had to eventually admit defeat and ask my nephew to get the Hoover out, plug it in and then put it away because it goes at the bottom of a cupboard which I could not reach.

My brother came round for Sunday dinner and after he had left I went and laid down hoping the pain would go away, my dad thought it was very amusing to keep calling me out of bed, knowing I was in pain and having to roll myself off the bed was making it worse, I ended up shouting at him and he sulked for the rest of the night.

Thankfully it did start to lessen by about 10pm, so I was able to fall asleep. A few people online were happily telling me that I had kidney stones the size of golf balls or that my kidney was fucked, that really cheered me up.

Photo by Fernando Seiji Imay from FreeImages

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