Monster or Humiliation

I had a decent session in goal today training with Custom House, I may not have a chance of playing for them this season, but I think some people are impressed with the fact that I still show up every week and show more dedication and commitment than the majority of the other players.

I really need to stop letting Paul’s little boy score so many goals as it is making me look bad. He is 7 and I feel like a monster every time I save them so I’m letting them go in, but I don’t think the other players believe me!

My drinking buddy is on holiday in Thailand so I was able to go home, get my kit ready for Bow Badgers’ training session tomorrow and have an early night. It felt weird not going to his for some beers, but I also felt a kind of relief that he was on the other side of the world as I was tired.

He and his girlfriend are having a whale of a time, something which they both deserve – and some of the pictures they have been posting are breathtaking.

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