Money Really Can Buy You Happiness

I went to Afie’s gig last night in Stoke Newington, he was performing with two other acts, Wes (who I know) and Bernie (otherwise known for some reason as CatMan). It was all acoustic folk type stuff.

Afie only played one of my favourite songs, a song called Second Guess You, he did not play Forgotten How To Sleep which is a shame because that tune is bloody good. He asked me to put some of his stuff on to Myspace for him and if he does give me the CD I’m going to put those two songs on my MP3 player. :)

Will walked in as we were talking about him and everyone cheered, Will just put his hand up as if to say “Thank you, I so deserve this applause”.

This got me chuckling on the bus home about how great it would be if this kind of thing happened where ever you went. You go into a newsagents and everyone cheers, but then I thought it might get tiresome every time you walked into a room in your house and then I started wondering what these people would be doing in your house without your knowledge.

It was then that I realised it was our stop.

It was a couple of months ago that I was told that Jenna had found a new bloke. Apparently this new bloke was a highflier in the law industry with lots of money and a flash house and car. I assumed that he was a young lawyer by the way he was described.

I actually met him today. She bought him to the gig which actually knocked Reiss for six and he got a bit upset about it.

What shocked me though was that I thought she had bought her dad to the gig. The guy was in his mid-forties, bald, very fat and was dressed like Bob Geldof. On reflection it is not hard to realise just why Jen is with the guy. Money really will buy you pretty much anything in this life.

I actually felt sorry for Reiss because Jenna just turned up with her aging partner in tow. It would have been nice to have warned him and then she started snogging him and fondling him right in front of him.

Me and Reiss went to The Defoe just in time for last orders before grabbing something to eat from a kebab shop and catching the bus home.

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