Molested By An Energy Gel

I was on my long run today when I felt someone smack my arse. I have not had my arse smacked too many times in my adult life, but I know a smack on the arse when I feel it, and this was definitely a smack on my arse.

I turned around and saw two guys running behind me. Why would they feel the need to smack my arse? Was this their way of telling me to speed up a bit? Similar to when a jockey smacks a horse to make it go faster?

I was about to say something when I felt it again, this time the men clearly didn’t touch me.

I then realised that the energy gels in my jacket had moved around to the back and were bouncing off my lycra-covered arse.

The shed roof has finally been ripped down. This has needed replacing for quite some time as when it rains the water goes right through. When we pulled the felt off we found some rotten planks of wood that needed replacing.

My nephew, who is a builder’s apprentice, measured the roof and confidently told me to order just one roll of felt as we would only need one. Once it was up he realised that we needed to buy another two rolls of the stuff.

Now I’m just waiting for it to rain to see if it was done properly or not.

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