Mocking Football God

I received an email from the manager of a football club based over in West London who I had contacted in the past about playing for them, it was over a year ago and I had forgotten all about them. The manager had a game in the evening and wondered if I was available.

The email landed in my inbox at 3pm and the game kicked off at 6:30pm. Sadly there was no way I could make my dad his dinner at a reasonable hour (he likes it between 6pm and 7pm) and make it across to the other side of London during rush hour in time for kick-off.

Maybe the manager knew that. Maybe she thought she would pluck at my strings by offering me a game knowing full well that I wouldn’t be able to play at such short notice. Of course she couldn’t be certain of WHY… or could she?

Oh football god why must you mock me so?

Photo by taha safari from FreeImages

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