Mobile Broadband Cheat Just Like ISPs

I received a letter today from T-Mobile, the company that I use to get connected to the internet via mobile broadband. The letter state that during the month of April I had exceeded my limit of 10gb and used over 11gb and that they had lowered my connection speed as a result.

This confused me a great deal as when I signed up for this about seven months ago I picked the only plan they offered that did not have any sort of cap. I currently pay £35.00 a month there was no mention of capping when I signed up (if there as then I would have moved on).

I decided to check their web site and low and behold there it is in the small print, they have implemented a fair use policy of 10gb a month, his was not there when I signed up for a 24 month contract (this as the only contract length available).

So they have basically snuck this little cap thing in and have not even bothered to tell their clients of this. I phoned them about two weeks ago to order a second modem for my dad’s computer and they did not tell me anything about a cap then.

The amazing thing is they are still advertising the plan as unlimited. How can it be unlimited if they put a 10gb limit on you? Answers on a postcard please.

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